A message from the founders of Truth

From the very beginning, it all came down to this: how can we help others to feel their best and improve their lives? Both of us had overcome so many health obstacles, including Non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and the one thing in common that really brought us together was our relentless pursuit of health and high performance.

So, we set off on a worldwide search for plant compounds that were scientifically robust; suppliers that used clean and ethical practices; and then used ourselves (and our team) to test for the first stage of development.

We wanted to share the power of nature at its absolute best – that is, pure and unadulterated. No funny business, no spin, just honest-to-goodness plant-power from a couple of guys that love health, science, and sharing the Truth. We’re so happy you can join us!

Always Grateful,

Our Values

Purity. Transparency. Efficacy.

  • The Truth

    Honesty and integrity is at the core of everything we do and what we stand for. We’re just a passionate bunch of health & wellness lovers and want to bring nothing but the best to our customers without all the unnecessary bells & whistles.

  • The Science

    With a Co-founder and Scientific Director at the helm who has a PhD in nutrition and neural development - and is also a practicing GP - we’ll never mislead you or present you with anything that isn’t backed by scientific evidence. We’re pretty nerdy like that - and damn proud to be!

  • The Quality

    Quality isn't something we take lightly. It’s not easy maintaining the power of nature in its purest form and bringing it to thousands of people across the world, but where there’s a (good) will there’s a way. We want effectiveness over great marketing so that people can truly live happier and healthier lives; and that means we’ll never cut corners.

  • The Earth

    We want to better humankind and also better the earth in the process. We want to rekindle the relationship that humans have to nature and empower both parties as a result. Humans actually have an endocannabinoid system that interacts with CBD, so really, we’re just nature’s matchmakers. We also only use organic farming practices that support the ecosystem and use eco-packaging, and for every order made, we plant a tree.

  • The People

    Truth people are honest people. We’re scattered across 7 countries but have one thing in common - we’re all super passionate about the power of plants and helping others access it in order to live their best life. Ultimately, we want to be what we want to see; so if we don’t personally love the product, we don’t want to sell it.

    “We recruit nice people and teach them the skills, rather than recruiting skilled people and teaching them to be nice.”
    - Trent.

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See what people are saying!

Luke W.

"I’m am so impressed with all of Truth Origins products. You can see that they are made with quality.... I’m also impressed that this is a company with credibility with the data to back it up. Keep up the great work Truth Origins!"

Cecilia M.

"You can email them and they respond fairly quickly. The curcumin tastes very pleasant indeed. Product was posted very quickly after order. Starting to feel the effect of reducing inflammation in my body both in my muscles and my gut. Will be ordering again."


"All good, but my favourite ones are the liquid curcumin and the MCT oil. I add drops of curcumin in my water bottle at the gym, it really helps with muscle pain. The MCT oil is making a difference in energy levels - I take it before exercising! I recommend !!"