About Us

As the founders of Truth, we are passionate about health, vitality and optimum performance, and use our combined expertise to bring you the most effective supplements. We regularly travel the world assessing innovations in health, science, nutrition, and technology.

We all use our own products and constantly try new formulas, and with a relentless focus on quality, we will supply you the best value products.

Our Mission.

Truth Natural’s mission is simple - we will interpret all of the scientific research, source, and test the best products, visit all the farmers, and deliver it to you for great value for money.

Our Founders.

Our Managing Director studies the performance of athletes at all levels, from beginners to professionals, by owning, operating and training martial arts in one of London's fastest growing independent fitness clubs.

Our Creative Director, is an accomplished artist, International Yoga teacher and also a relaxed Vegan. He has instructed all over the world and is passionate about plant-based solutions in everyday life.

Our Scientific Director is a medical practitioner with a Ph.D. in nutrition science. He has published widely on the health effects of dietary oils and has worked in prestigious laboratories including the National Institutes of Health in the USA.

We had all been using CBD oil as a food supplement to improve our health, rest, and recovery. But as supply became varied, we decided to source our own so that we could actively share it with our community.

Value for Money.

We know CBD is expensive in the UK and we are working hard on driving down costs and delivering value for money. But we won’t skimp on quality. Ever!
We have been closely following the rising popularity of CBD in the US and across the world, and believe CBD is here to stay in the UK. It is one of the fastest growing food supplements, and for good reason. But don't just take our word for it, try it for yourself!



You are at the heart of our business. Without you, we don't exist and we know it. That's why we take every step to make sure you're fully satisfied.


We know the value of high quality, organic foods, and CBD is no exception. All of our products are manufactured using organic farming practices.


Our CBD comes from the best suppliers in the world. We personally try all of our products and if we don’t feel the results, we won’t sell them.


We work closely with our industry body CTAUK, the Home Office and MHRA to help advance the industry and improve information for customers.

Real Customers,
Real Reviews

"I started taking CBD as part of my diet
. It eased my training and my recovery process is as good on the Friday
as it was on the Monday. I love the fact that CBD is natural product
as I wouldn’t like to rely on painkillers and pharmaceuticals."

Real Customers,
Real Reviews

"I started using CBD to help with my sleep - after taking it,
I started to sleep through the night, which is a HUGE thing for me
because I used to wake up 2-3 times per night."

Real Customers,
Real Reviews

"This CBD is making a huge difference.
I do a lot of high-intensity workouts, and before taking it as part of my diet,
I’d wake up aching and sore - but since taking CBD it’s reduced that a lot!
I use 1 dropper per day and I really notice the difference."

“ I heard about CBD from a friend and was sceptical at first, however after I tried it once I’m convinced. This helps my mobility, my medical challenges and my mindset- Thankyou for your great products!” - Sue

“What a difference this has made to my life. When I asked my Dr about it, he said it was safe and worth a try to help with my issues. Incredible results from the first day, thankyou!” - Reg

“I love the Liposomals, I put them in water and the taste is refreshing. Within 30 miutes I feel more relaxed and ready to take on the day!” - Richard